Cre8tion "Career Acrylic" Starter Kit

Cre8tion "Career Acrylic" Starter Kit


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Cre8tion "Career Acrylic" Starter Kit 

1. Nail Liquid - 1 Cre8tion Signature Monomer Liquid 8oz #01715
2. Dappen dish - 2 Cre8tion Empty Glass Crystal Jar Small Size 4-5 cm - D #26179
3. Acrylic Powders (Foundation Colors) - (4 pcs) Including Powder clear #01352, Pinker #01354, Super white #01358, and Natural mix (Top Selling Colors) #01356
4. Nail Tips - Cre8tion Tips #0 - #10 550 pcs./box - Natural #15149
5. Nail Primer - 1 Cre8tion No-Burn Nail Primer 0.5oz #0916-0754
6. PH bond - 1 Cre8tion PH Bond 0.5oz #09612
7. Acrylic Top Coat Gel - 1 Cre8tion All Purpose No Wipe LED/UV Top Coat 0.5oz #01731
8. Nail file - 1 Cre8tion 80/100 #07024 + 1 Cre8tion Harbor 80/100 #07072
9. Nail Buffer - 1 Cre8tion Buffer 3 way Orange - 80/100 #06031
10. Acrylic brush - 1 Cre8tion Kolinsky Acrylic Brush B #12136
11. Nail glue - 2 KDS Nail Tip Glue
12. Acetone - 1 Cre8tion Acetone 8oz #22182
13. Brush Cleaner - 1 Cre8tion Brush Cleaner #22026
14. Manicure brush - 1 Cre8tion Manicure Brush (Random Color) #10072
15. Gel Color - 1 Cre8tion Del Duo color #01 (Red) #0916-0842
16. Nail Forms - 20 Cre8tion Nail Forms (Stiletto & Coffin) #10448
17. The edge cutter - 1 Cre8tion High Quality Edge Nail Cutter #16015
18. 1 Cre8tion French Tip Cutter Size 4 #16176-4
19. Nail Clipper - 1 Cre8tion High Quality Stainless Steel Clipper Straight #16027
20. Apron - 1 Cre8tion Beauty Salon Apron (Random Color) #10245
21. Dust Brush - 1 Cre8tion Retractable Dust Brush Gold #12251
22. Gel Remover Clip Set - 1 Cre8tion Reusable Gel Remover Clips #10182

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